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Looking for a Pilates class in Nottingham? Pilates4Living has had its home at The Place on Melrose Street in Nottingham for almost 15 years. This light, airy space has provided the perfect environment for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere where everyone is welcome, whether you are a complete beginner or a serious Pilates addict. Mats are provided, but you are welcome to bring your own and other small equipment is available for use.

What style of Pilates do I teach?

The foundation of the teaching is firmly embedded in the classic Pilates method incorporating many of Joseph Pilates original ‘Contrology’ exercises. Over time, new ideas and influences have been included and this method has been adapted to allow for innovations in the teaching. This has led to a more contemporary approach, introducing more functional, bio-mechanical principals to the traditional exercises. This allows the teaching to be much more specific in meeting individual client's needs and can be very beneficial as a tool for rehabilitation.

Before you begin Pilates practise, please complete our online health questionnaire or you can download the paper version here (PDF).

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Could You Benefit from Pilates?

“I started Pilates after having my children as I had pain in my back and it really strengthened my core and made my pain disappear."