"Nearing seventy, and with a body disabled with pain and stiffness from over a dozen surgical operations, I went in search of a Pilates teacher. Many turned me down, explaining that they had neither the confidence nor the skills to work with my complex condition. Then I was introduced to Vanessa….. With the assurance and empathy that only someone who really knows what they are doing can convey, she took me on, designing for me a thoughtful, tailored programme of one-to-one classes that were challenging, varied and highly effective. Equally as important, Vanessa recognised the degree to which I had lost confidence in my body and carefully helped me to re-frame my perception of what I could achieve physically. Vanessa is a pleasure to work with - inspiring, encouraging, good company. I would be pleased to commend Vanessa and her work to anyone and to do so entirely without reservation."  

About Vanessa

I have been teaching group and 1-2-1 Pilates for 15 years now. I came into the industry following a personal injury. I used Pilates to help recover from a back and neck injury – and found it so inspiring that I decided to train to be an Instructor. I built my business up gradually, starting with one evening class whilst maintaining a day job and bit by bit I added more and more classes until I could leave my day job behind and concentrate solely on my Pilates business. It was the best thing I ever did.

I find it so fulfilling knowing that I can make a difference to people’s lives, not just the physical side, I always try to make my classes entertaining and engaging – for some of my clients it’s the only hour in their week that they take just for themselves and I want them to feel relax and restored!

I completed my Pilates training with Modern Pilates and over the years have continued to attend workshops to broaden my knowledge. I am a post-natal fitness specialist and I ran the Pushy Mothers Post-natal fitness franchise in Nottingham for 5 years. I am a qualified AiM practitioner, having completed all levels, twice! This year I completed the Level 2 training with EBFA and am now a qualified barefoot training specialist. I am fully insured and a member of Fitpro.

My other passion is feet! Not in a fetish way, don’t worry! I believe that the feet are our foundation and many problems with the body can be traced back to the feet. If the feet are weak, the body is weakened - and this is why I focus a lot on foot exercises in my classes.

We neglect our feet at our peril!

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Vanessa Gretton leads a pilates class at her studio in Nottingham