Client's Comments

“The expert tuition, encouragement and support shown by my lovely teacher Vanessa, has helped me to recover from major surgery and maintain good fitness and mobility. Pilates has given me a greater awareness of my body and how I use it in my daily life. I feel more confident and balanced in the way I walk and move which as I am getting older will help me to stay fit. I look forward to each class and enjoy the benefits that friends and laughter bring with each session.”
"I have suffered from lower back pain the last three years. I started working with Vanessa a few months ago. Vanessa is thorough and personalised all the exercises to my needs. Now that I know there was something that could be done for my pain I wish I had sought help earlier."
"I saw Vanessa for 5 sessions to deal with a sore Achilles’ tendon that had been a problem previously and had flared up again. Vanessa was very thorough in having a holistic approach that looked at the whole body, especially in the context of my posture and walking style and how this could be creating problems. She then devised a series of exercises that helped to make the ankle better and to stop the problem re-occurring. I would thoroughly recommend her!"
“It has made a real difference. I have been attending Vanessa’s class for 6 years and have not experienced any further back problems (having suffered in the past re-occurrences at least every year or two). The regular weekly routine has been important and I do my best to rarely miss a week. I also enjoy the company of a class of regulars whom I have got to know over the years, including other men.”
“I started Pilates after having my children as I had pain in my back and it really strengthened my core and made my pain disappear. But for me it was about doing something for myself at that time; I was suffering from post natal depression and it really helped me to relax. I enjoy the controlled nature of the exercises and how it makes me more aware of my body. Vanessa is very clear and makes it easy to understand the purpose of each exercise, what part of the body we are working and is extremely detailed in how she instructs and teaches the many different exercises.”

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